How Partnerships Can Help Startups Focus,?Heather D. Blease | CEO and Founder SaviLinx, LLC?

Foundr Magazine | Startup Section February 2017 issue

Starting up a company is?intense, exhilarating, and?nerve wracking. I’m three?years into my most recent?startup, and while some things?get easier (I don’t feel like?throwing up every morning,?for example), the pace can be?overwhelming.

I have learned a few things?over the years, including?the fact that while running?out of money is certainly of?paramount concern, lack of?focus is a killer. Your buy clomid online paypal attention?is not just divided when you?are starting up—it is fractured.?If you want to make it, finding?areas that you can outsource to?trusted partners will make all the difference.

There are some things that?require your specific focus:?securing capital, developing?and innovating your product?or service, and hiring the?right key individuals to help?your company grow and scale.?However, there are non-core?functions you can evaluate to?determine the most efficient?and cost-effective means to?get the job done.

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