BRUNSWICK, Maine – February 28, 2017 – SaviLinx, LLC, a contact center specializing in business process outsourcing and technical support services, announces that Amy Bergeron has joined as Human Resources Recruiter. She brings a wealth of experience to help the fast-growing company build its team and develop and administer HR plans and procedures for its 375 employees in Brunswick, Maine and Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

“Our employees are the center of our success at SaviLinx, so it is important for us to have the right people on our Human Resources team,” says Heather Blease, founder and CEO, SaviLinx. “We are very pleased to have Bill and Amy join SaviLinx to support our fast-paced growth.”

Bergeron’s experience includes recruiting for a high-volume contact center with multiple sites where she successfully identified qualified candidates and managed HR for the company’s Maine location. She also served a southern Maine town as Deputy Town Clerk and as a teacher for the HeadStart organization in Sanford, Maine.

About SaviLinx

SaviLinx provides outsourced business process, technical support, and customer service that help companies create profitable relationships, scale with ease, and grow revenues. The combination of skilled professionals, industry knowledge, and advanced technology is the SaviLinx difference. With offices in Maine and Mississippi employing a mix of contact center and remote agents, SaviLinx offers a network-based service delivery platform to deliver a consistent and compelling customer experience across multiple channels, devices, and media. Founded in 2013, SaviLinx is headquartered at the Brunswick Landing, a decommissioned naval station in Brunswick, Maine. SaviLinx is a Women Owned Small Business. Visit the company online at